TnF-82-3 240V 12K
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TnF-82-3 240V 12K

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Paragon TnF-82-3

The digital automatic TnF-82-3 Paragon kiln is large enough for most ceramic projects. Figured at cost per cubic foot, it is among our lowest priced hobby kilns. It uses the same circuit size as most of our studio kilns. Upgrade to a larger kiln later without having to install a new circuit.

This kiln now features the easy-access drop down switch box. Remove two screws, and the box, hinged at the bottom, opens forward for easy maintenance. The kiln features a top row of 2” high blank wall bricks. Since the brick is without element grooves, it is less susceptible to damage during loading than a grooved brick.

The TnF-82-3 is made of 3” thick firebrick in the lid, walls and bottom. It is designed for porcelain, stoneware, low-fire ceramics, china paint, decals and gold.

Features of the TnF-82-3 Digital Automatic Kiln
- Sentry 12 Key Digital Controller, made by Orton Ceramic Foundation
- Long-life electrical system with high temperature wire
- Lock-in lid support with a positive catch
- 2 wide-view tapered peepholes
- Ventilated, louvered switch box
- 2 hand lifts
- Heavy duty kiln stand with mar-proof plastic feet
- Full-formed, galvanized steel base covers the entire brick bottom
- Fall-away two stage Prop-R-Vent for venting the ware
- Coated lid, peepholes and rim of firebricks for extended firebrick life
- Operating instructions on switch box
- Heavy gauge stainless steel case
- Full firing capacity: fire ware directly on the brick bottom
- Reversible brick bottom
- Dropped, recessed brick grooves help prevent element bulging; eliminate the need for element pins; make changing the element easier and faster than some competing models that require element pins.

The Furniture Kit
The furniture kit consists of carefully selected fireclay shelves and posts for this particular model. When estimating the price of the kiln, include the cost of furniture. The furniture allows you to stack multiple layers of ware. Without it, you could fire only the ware that would fit on the kiln bottom.

Furniture Kit for S-82-3, SnF-82-3, TnF-82-3
- 3 C-18 Shelves 1 C-18H 1/2 Shelf
- 1" wide Square Posts, 4 of each - 1/2”, 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” lengths
- 1 lb. Bag Kiln Wash
- Furniture Kit Shipping Weight: 34 lbs.

Thermocouple with “special limit” wire
The thermocouple senses temperature inside the kiln. It is the small rod that extends into the firing chamber. The ¼” wide Type-K, 14-gauge, exposed-tip thermocouple is made with special-limit wire for superior accuracy. The exposed tip gives the controller a fast response time for even temperatures during holds. The thermocouple is made in America to our exacting standards.

Kiln Comes with Heavy Duty Rolling Stand, 18” Square x 12” High
A deluxe, rock solid kiln stand with locking casters is included at no extra charge. You will enjoy the convenience of effortlessly moving the kiln out of the way when not in use.

The stand has a mounting bracket for the Orton Kiln Vent and a greenware drying rack. To install an Orton Kiln Vent, slide the vent collection cup into the vent bracket. The new stand eliminates the need for the collection cup mounting bolt.

Take advantage of the heat that radiates from the kiln. Load greenware on the lower shelf. Heat from the kiln will dry the ware to prepare it for the next firing. Save the time and electrical expense of drying the ware inside the kiln.

Assemble the stand with simple tools. The stand slides together with interlocking components that assemble with one size of bolt.t firing. Save time and energy by pre-drying your ware while the kiln fires.

Designed for production
Paragon’s warranty is not affected by frequency of use. Fire your new kiln every day if you want, even in commercial settings. That will have no effect on the warranty period.

Please note that free shipping only applies to the contigious United States.

Max Firing Temp: (2350F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 16.5 Diameter x 22.25 Deep
Cubic Feet: 2.95
Voltage: 240
Phase: 1
Amps: 30
Watts: 7200
Plug: NEMA 6-50R
Shipping Weight: 262 lbs