Pearl-18 208V 1P 3K CF
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Pearl-18 208V 1P 3K CF

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Paragon-18 Glass Kiln 208V 1-phase with 3 key controller and Ceramic fiber lid.

Paragon Pearl-18 Glass Fusing Kiln
The Pearl-18 is packed with exciting features. The top lifts away to give access to the shelf area from three sides. Air pistons assist in lifting the top. You can place the Pearl on a table without an extra stand.
“You can compose directly on the kiln shelf, then close the kiln top,” said glass artist Judith Conway, who uses the Pearl-18 in her Washington, DC studio. “There is no need to balance and carry a heavy kiln shelf from your work table over to your kiln, trying to load the shelf in the kiln while not disturbing the glass pieces in your design.”

The elements in the top are mounted in pinless element grooves. Since the groove opening is narrower than the element coil, the elements stay in place without pins.

Electrical components are mounted inside the base of the kilns. The Pearl-18 uses the digital 3-key Sentry Xpress controller.

The reliable Sentry Xpress 3-key controller is packed with features. It includes two modes: Single Speed and 8-segment Ramp-Hold.

Features of the Sentry Xpress 3-key Controller on Non-Ceramic Paragon Kilns
- Design programs with up to 8 segments (steps) in Ramp-Hold mode.
- Fire to a single temperature at a single speed in the simplified Single Speed mode.
- Ramp-Hold mode can store 4 programs.
- Skip a segment in Ramp-Hold during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram.
- Change the target temperature in Ramp-Hold during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram.
- Hold (soak) the temperature in both Single Speed and Ramp-Hold. Experiment with Hold to improve color saturation of china paints.
- Add Hold Time during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram.
- Control both heating and cooling in Ramp-Hold.
- Program Review lets you check the program you are about to fire.
- Program the Temperature Alarm to sound when the kiln reaches a specific temperature. Use this to remind yourself to check on the kiln.
- Temperature display throughout firing and cooling in your choice of °F or °C
- Thermocouple Offset adjusts the thermocouple readout.
- Set the Delay to turn on the kiln later to suit your schedule.
- Error Messages report mechanical problems such as a disconnected thermocouple, stuck relay or broken element.
- 12 Month Warranty
- LED Lights show whether you are in program, review, or firing mode.
- Colorful, illustrated instruction manual. Download it from the “Additional Information” section below to review these features in more detail.
- Heating elements in the top of the kiln are mounted in pinless grooves.
- ¼" heavy duty sheathed Type-K thermocouple
- Sentry Xpress digital controller
- Safety switch and pilot light
- Air pistons assist lifting the lid.
- Louvered switch box, heavy duty wiring
- Includes a built-in stand.

The Pearl-18 Furniture Kit

Glass must be fired on a ceramic shelf; never directly on the kiln firing chamber bottom.
1 - C-19 - 17" x 17" Shelf
4 - 1" wide Square Posts, ½" long
1 lb. Bag Glass Separator

Thermocouple with “special limit” wire
The thermocouple senses temperature inside the kiln. It is the small rod that extends into the firing chamber. The ¼” wide Type-K, 14-gauge, exposed-tip thermocouple is made with special-limit wire for superior accuracy. The exposed tip gives the controller a fast response time for even temperatures during holds. The thermocouple is made in America to our exacting standards.

Designed for production
Paragon’s warranty is not affected by frequency of use. Fire your new kiln every day if you want, even in commercial settings. That will have no effect on the warranty period.

Optional colors at no extra charge
Brighten your studio with color! Order your kiln in one of our standard colors at no extra charge . . . berry, black, blue, hot pink, jade, navy, purple, or turquoise.

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Max Firing Temp: 1700
Inside Dimensions (inches): 18 Length x 18 Width x 8.5 Depth
Cubic Feet: 1.59
Voltage: 240
Amps: 17
Watts: 4000
Plug: NEMA 6-20R
Shipping Weight: 253 lbs