Evenheat LB18 Knife Oven
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Evenheat LB18 Knife Oven

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The LB 18 is a side-element only design that allows the heat treater to use the entire depth of the chamber, regardless of blade length. This makes the LB 18 long blade friendly. If you currently heat treat long blades, or intend to at some point, the LB Series is made just for you. You can take advantage of the entire depth of the LB 18 and expect excellent temperature distribution all the way to the back wall.

LB 18 is 18" deep and is standard equipped with full feature controls such as the TAP touchscreen. The TAP touchscreen control is, without a doubt, the easiest and best designed control available. Its performance and features are as stellar as its layout. It handles everything very well.

LB Series ovens are also standard equipped with a solid state relay. Solid state relays can be triggered up to 60 times a second compared to a mechanical relay that is limited to about once every 10 seconds which translates into very tight and responsive temperature control. As an added benefit, we expect that the solid state relay will never wear out or need replacing!

You may choose to add the loud alarm option, which alerts you to where the heating process is, and at 80+ decibels, it cuts above even the noisiest studios. You may also opt for the power interrupt switch which removes power from all heating elements as the lid is opened and reapplies power as the lid is closed.
Those wishing to enter the kiln during firing should strongly consider requesting this option as an added measure of safety.

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Max Firing Temp: 2200F
Inside Dimensions: 18" Deep x 10" Wide x 6.5" High
Outer Dimensions: 25.5"W x 20"D x 19.5"H
Voltage: 240V
Amps: 13
Plug: NEMA 6-20
Shipping Weight: 95 lbs