China Paint and Overglaze
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China Paint and Overglaze

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Invented in 9th century China, coveted in 17th century Europe, treasured in 19th century America, and neglected by art schools for over 100 years, china painting is poised for revival with new materials, new forms and new imaginery.

China paint - fired at the lowest end of the ceramic range - offers consistent, durable, predictable color, from the brightest hues to the subtles gradations. Any effect that paint or ink can achive, china paint can duplicate. For the ceramic artist interested in exploring this robust medium to the lifelong china painter, "China Paint & Overglaze" is the essential text.
This groundbreaking book, the first to showcase the work of traditional china painters and contemporary potters and clay sculptors together, includes many unique features on every aspect of an exciting and colorful medium.