Mayco, Painted Desert 4 oz.
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Mayco, Painted Desert 4 oz.


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Cone 06: Painted Desert is a glossy, orangish pink glaze with an orangish brown stain. It has small black and clear crystals.

Cone 6: Color changes to a semi-translucent, variegated brown/orange/blue; orange crystals disappear and black crystals melt. Enhanced mobility. Surface issues may occur.

TIP: This glaze WILL move. Take care when using on vertical pieces reduce glaze thickness towards the bottom third to minimize run-off. This glaze will pinhole at three coats.

Elements Chunkies were designed to simulate the aesthetic, movement and interest of mid range and hire fire glazes in a cone 06, oxidation kiln firing. Chunkies features a base glaze from the Elements line with the addition of crystals. The level of variegation exhibited by theses glazes can be influenced by factors such as the number of coats applied, combinations with other glazes, body surface textures, kiln atmosphere and temperatures. Elements Chunkies will move - some more than others. Understanding each glaze's temperment, how each glaze can be applied, will lead to more successful results.