Hollow Kit, 10-Side, 3", 18H
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Hollow Kit, 10-Side, 3", 18H

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Item #: SHOPHCFK10S18-3

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Perfectly compatible with:
L&L: e23s-3, JD23-3
Skutt: KM1018-3, KM1022-3
Paragon: TnF 23-3, SnF23-3, Janus-23
...and many more!


-- 6 - 20" HOLLOW-CORE half-round kiln shelves
-- 8 each of the following posts: 1/2", 1", 2", 4", 6"
-- 1 lb. box of kiln wash
-- Heater Beater kiln gloves
-- 15-piece Sample Stilt Kit

To select the correct kit for your round top-loading kiln, simply count the bricks lining the interior of the kiln (hollow-core kits are only available for 10-sided kilns at the moment), then find the height of the interior of the kiln (18" high or 27" high). Finally, measure the width of the kiln brick (either 2.5" or 3").

By popular demand, we are happy to introduce our own brand of furniture kits featuring hollow core shelves! These are much lighter in weight than standard cordierite shelves, which makes loading your kiln a breeze!

The Ceramic Shop has been the premiere producer of kiln stilts, posts, and speciality furniture for years now -- which gives us all of the tools we need to provide you with excellent and affordable kiln furniture kits! If you don't feel the need to purchase a name-brand kit with your new kiln, or if you are simply looking to stock your kiln room with a well-chosen variety of posts, stilts, and the appropriate shelves, look no further!