Pearl-44 240V 1P Glass Kiln
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Pearl-44 240V 1P Glass Kiln

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Paragon Pearl-44 glass kiln, 240-volt, 1-phase with Mercury relay.

Paragon's deluxe Pearl-44 Professional Series glass kiln will help you to unlock your potential as a glass artist. If you're looking for a kiln capable of handling large glass panels, or if you are a production artist who would like to fit many pieces in each load, read on - the Pearl-44 was specifically designed for those whose livelihood depends on glass production.

The Pearl-44 is packed with features that aid in enhanced production efficiency and even firing. The top of the Pearl-44 lifts away to give you convenient access to the kiln's shelf area - heavy-duty air pistons lighten this load, so you don't have to worry about struggling with a heavy kiln lid. Because the kiln's opening is placed right in the middle of the kiln, building projects directly onto kiln shelves is a breeze - you won't have to reach down into a deep chamber to set your pieces. The Pearl-44 come standard with long-lasting, quiet mercury relays, which far outlast standard relays. For unsurpassed heat distribution, the Pearl-44 includes sidewall elements, which are mounted into the top section of the kiln. The lid elements are embedded in a pinless element groove, while the sidewall elements are protected in dropped, recessed grooves. In addition to element placement enhancing the evenness of firing, the Pearl-44 also features advanced power ratio technology, which has been pioneered by Paragon. This standard feature balances the heat between the top and side elements in increments of 10% -- for example, you may program your elements to balance the heat as '100% top/0% side', '50% top/50%' side', '80% top/20% side' and so on. You can set the heat balance for any combination that works for you so the total heat output measures 100%. Imagine the precise control you will have in adjusting the Pearl-44 to slump glass or improve heat distribution over large fused panels.

As far as the Pearl-4426's overall construction is concerned, Paragon's tradition of well-crafted American-made kilns is apparent in the fabrication. The Pearl-4426 has firebrick sidewalls and bottom, and a 3"-thick ceramic fiber top. Glass artists love the ceramic fiber top because it is virtually dust-less, meaning the lid will never sprinkle your projects with shed refractory materials. For long life, the firebrick sidewalls include expansion joints. The Pearl-44's heavy tubular frame gives the firing chamber rock-steady support. All electronics are mounted away from the firing chamber and protected within a ventilated switch box, which helps to keep them cool. The wiring's heavy-gauge nickel-plated copper wiring is additionally protected with high-temperature glass-braided insulation. The thermocouple, which senses temperature inside of the kiln, is protected with a high-nickel stainless steel sheath to ensure long life.

The Pearl-44 is fully digital and outfitted with the reliable Sentry 12-key controller. This controller continuously monitors your firings, so you don't have to spend the entire time hovering around your kiln for turn-ups. The sealed touch-pad keeps out dust and can be wiped clean; it's also easy to program in ramp-hold or cone fire mode, or you can use a pre-set program. This controller also has the capability to store up to six user programs, which is a nice feature for the production artist who uses several specific firings, or for the kiln that will be installed in a shared studio or classroom. You will find consistency in your results from one firing to the next.

Max Firing Temp: 1700 F
Inner Dimensions: 44" W x 22" D x 13"H
Outer Dimensions: 62" W x 38" D x 47" H
Cubic Feet: 7.28
Voltage/Phase: 240V 1P, 208V 1P, 240V 3P, or