FiberFuse 16 Kiln DISC
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FiberFuse 16 Kiln DISC


Item #: PFFUSE16TS

Paragon FiberFuse-16 glass kiln with SmartTouch controller and standard relays.

Paragon's FiberFuse-16 is a lightweight glass kiln designed for the home studio. Because the kiln walls are made of fiber instead of brick, the kiln is incredibly lightweight, making it easy for an individual to move. Use this kiln to efficiently slump and fuse glass - fast! Experiment with reactive glass colors, screen printing on glass, and decals. Carry this lightweight kiln to seminars or workshops, or use it as a great test kiln with a quick turnaround time. The FiberFuse-16 plugs into a standard, 120-volt household outlet, so it's great for the home studio. This kiln ships via UPS because it's so lightweight, so it's even easy for you to obtain!

The kiln's ceramic space-age fiber interior absorbs less heat than standard firebrick, so the FiberFuse-16 fires and cools faster than many other similarly-sized kilns. This makes the kiln a great choice for firing small, quick projects at art centers, college classes, and even engineering labs, and easily reaches 1700F in a short period. One you set up your FiberFuse-16, you will find it's easier than ever to test new ideas. This kiln's high-tech ceramic fiber firing chamber is 2" thick on the lid, walls, and bottom; the kiln's sides are wrapped in a protective steel case. The kiln's top is covered with deluxe steel, yet remains easy to lift with just one hand. The lid's wooden handle stays cool, even during extended firing and annealing times. Heat distribution in the FiberFuse-16 is so incredibly even that the kiln can fire without lid elements (as is a common feature in many types of glass kilns).

The firing chamber heats from elements that are embedded within the fiber walls; the elements are protected in pinless wall grooves. The FiberFuse-16 also features a built-in stand. You can raise the kiln to a convenient height by placing it on a fire-proof steel table. The FiberFuse-16's control panel is slotted for air circulation, so the electrical components stay cool, even during long temperature hold. The kiln's thermocouple, which senses the internal temperature, is protected in a high-nickel stainless-steel sheath for long, trouble-free operation.

The FiberFuse-16 comes standard with the easy-to-program Sentry 3-key controller. This controller includes two firing modes: Single Speed, and 8-segment ramp-hold. This means that you can set your kiln with just the touch of a button, or program a much more complicated program, if you desire. The large brightly-lit display is easy to read and wipes clean.

The lid safety switch also comes standard. This feature shuts off the power to your kiln's elements when the lid is opened, and is set up to resume firing when the lid is closed again.

Options for customization
The FiberFuse-16 offers several features for customization. You may upgrade the 3-key controller to either the 12-key or SmartTouch controller, making programming even quicker and easier. You may also upgrade your kiln's relays to Deluxe Mercury Relays. These quieter, longer-lasting relays far outlast the standard relays, and are a particularly good choice if you intend to use your kiln for long periods of annealing.

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Max Firing Temp: 1700F
Inside Dimensions (inches): 16W x 16L x 6D
Cubic Feet: 0.88
Voltage: 120
Amps: 15
Watts: 1800
Plug: NEMA 5-15R
Shipping Weight: 100 lbs