Kiln Post 1"x 1/2" Cart, 200
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Kiln Post 1"x 1/2" Cart, 200


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1" thick kiln posts, 1/2" high; carton of 100.

These posts were designed to maximize space in smaller kilns like glass and test kilns where every inch matters! For heavier shelves and loads, we recommend our 1.5" thick kiln posts.

The Ceramic Shop's Kiln Posts are produced and manufactured right here in our very own shop! Kiln posts, commonly referred to as stilts, are used to stack and support kiln shelves during firings. The durable ceramic composition of our posts allow them to fit a variety of kilns and applications.

These kiln posts have a cross-section measuring 1"x1". Wall thickness is 1/8" with 1/4" rounded corners.

Note: Because these posts are machine-extruded and cut by hand, there may be slight variances in lengths of ± 1/16" (one-sixteenth of an inch). 1" series not recommended for shelves larger than 15" in diameter.