Amaco Celadon Class Pack #3
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Amaco Celadon Class Pack #3

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Item #: ACCP3

Amaco's Celadon Glaze line

Cone 5-6

Introducing Amaco's NEW Celadon Glazes! These Cone 5-6 transparent gloss glazes have been formulated to be 100% mixable. This allows you to create your own personal celadons! By either using AC-11 Mixing Clear to soften tones, or line-blending colors together for fresh, yet reliable, results, these new glazes will introduce a whole new palette to your studio.

This class pack includes one Pint of each Celadon glaze:

C-3 Smoke
C-55 Poppy
C-11 Clear
C-5 Charcoal
C-32 Ochre
C-40 Aqua
C-65 Tangelo
C-29 Deep Sea
C-10 Snow
C-19 Glacier
C-25 Downpour
C-41 Pear

All colors in this class pack are LEAD FREE and AP Non-Toxic**