Davinci X3218 Kiln 240V 1P
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Davinci X3218 Kiln 240V 1P

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Voltage & Phase:

Furniture Kit Option:

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The Davinci series is L&L's classic production kiln, and is great for Universities and high-volume high school programs. These kilns come standard with DynaTrol Dynamic Zone Control, counterbalanced lid, lid safety latches, and 3" brick construction. All Davinci kilns fire to Cone 10 (2350F), and feature arched sides to allow for better air circulation.

Options for customization:
First choose the height for your kiln, from 18" tall all the way up to 45". Then choose the voltage and phasing you'll need for your kiln's space. Be sure to consult your electrician. Finally, you can choose to include the furniture kit. Kits come with Cone 11 shelves, kiln posts from 1/2" to 8" high, a pair of gloves, and one pound of kiln wash.

Max Firing Temp: Cone 10 (2350F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 30.5 Square x 18 High
Outside Dimensions: 49W x 49D x 32H
Cubic Feet: 10
Breaker Required: 80
Plug: Direct
Shipping Weight: 880 lbs