Ceramic Fiber Repair Kit
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Ceramic Fiber Repair Kit


Item #: PFRK

The Ceramic Fiber Repair Kit includes 2 oz. each of AS-40 Rigidizer and QF-180 Adhesive.

AS-40 Rigidizer is a thin, clear or translucent liquid. AS-40 can be used to harden a ceramic fiber surface.

QF-180 Adhesive looks like Elmer’s white glue. Please do not allow QF-180 to freeze. This may reduce its effectiveness. Do not try to fill voids in ceramic fiber with QF-180. It is a ceramic fiber adhesive and not a filler.

Vacuum the area to be repaired. Before gluing ceramic fiber pieces together, paint AS-40 to both surfaces to wet them. Then apply a heavy coat of QF-180 to the surfaces, and press the ceramic fiber pieces together. The QF-180 should be applied heavily enough to ooze out of the joints. If you are gluing ceramic fiber into a kiln lid, insert long pins at an angle to hold the pieces together until they dry. Or prop a small piece of wood against the repaired piece. Remove the pins or prop after the repaired section has dried for 48 hours. When done correctly, the glued joint will be stronger than the fiber body itself.

Q. Should the AS-40 rigidizer and QF-180 adhesive be mixed together?

A. No. Mixing the glue with rigidizer would lower the viscosity and may increase drying shrinkage.

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