Brent IE Pottery Wheel DISC
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Brent IE Pottery Wheel DISC

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The Ceramic Shop features the classic Brent IE pottery wheel in our showroom because we love them & our customers love them.

Why choose a Brent wheel? Brent wheels have earned their reputation for quality and durability from 40 years of experience. Brent IE pottery wheels are heavy duty in their construction, they can handle a lot of weight at one time for those throwing large vessels (IE wheels handle 75 lbs. continuously), yet they are fine tuned to give you absolute control when making a delicate porcelain vessel. These are easy to maintain over the years with their belt system and easy to replace fuses. And Amaco will stand behind these claims with a ten year warranty. Come on in to our showroom and have a seat at the wheel to see for yourself.

Brent IE Pottery Wheel Features
- Indestructible bio-composite tabletop -- 100% reclaimed organic fiber combined with 100% recycled thermoplastic is strong, moisture-resistant, and corrosion-proof. The organic fiber used in construction is a natural by-product of the forestry industry so no additional wood has been depleted in the production
- Extended height legs adjust for tabletop/storage/portability -- Legs extend from 20" - 25" as a floor model or the extensions can be removed to convert to a 13" tabletop model.
- Legs are now standard diameter Brent legs that fit all Brent wheel attachments -- also powder coated for improved scratch and corrosion resistance. See "Wheel Accessories and Equipment".

Note: This model does not include a wheel reverse switch.

Additional Brent IE features
- All-steel construction of frame and legs -- for unsurpassed strength and durability
- Permanent magnet 1/4 hp, 6 amp DC Motor -- provides dependable variable speed control
- 12" cast aluminum wheel head -- marked with concentric circles for ease in centering clay and includes two bat pins
- Self-tensioning 4-groove poly-v drive belt -- keeps the belt tight for maximum performance
- Durable, cast aluminum foot pedal -- deliverrs smooth control and speed range of 0-240 rpm and has a 9 foot cord for floor or tabletop use

For international clients
Brent wheels can be modified to 230volts for an extra surcharge. If you are interested please give us a call!

FREE Splash Pan
FREE 12" Plasti-Bat
FREE "How to Throw on a Potter's Wheel DVD

Ships via UPS Ground.

Motor: 1/4 HP Permanent Magnet, DC, 5 amps
Wheel-head speed: 0~240rpm
Capacity: 20 lbs
Wheel-head: 12" with bat pins
Dimensions: 32" x 24" x 19 3/4"
Voltage: 110-120V AC
Shipping Weight: 80 lbs