E23T Kiln, 240V 1P
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E23T Kiln, 240V 1P

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Item #: LE23T240-1N0

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L&L E23T kiln, 240-volt, 1-phase.

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L&L’s Easy-Fire Series kilns are a great addition to any studio or classroom. All kilns in this series can be fired to cone 10, and come standard equipped with L&L’s easy to use 12-key controller, which allows you to use pre-programmed schedules, or store your own. The E23T fires so evenly in part because the kiln is separated into three zones, managed internally by three separate thermocouples -- so if your kiln is hotter at the top than it is at the bottom, the thermocouples relay that information to the controller which then balances it all out. Like all L&L kilns, the E23T is equipped with Dyna Glow Ceramic Element Holders. These holders protect your firebrick through years of Cone 6 and Cone 10 firings, promising better heat distribution inside the kiln, and ease in replacement of the elements when it becomes necessary. This kiln’s convenient 7-cubic-foot size and its long-lasting features have helped to make this one of our best sellers over the years.

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Options for customization:
The L&L E23T comes with several options for customization, so you can get the best possible kiln for your space. First, select the correct voltage and phasing from the drop-down menu above; if you are unsure, please consult with an electrician. Next, you may select to have your new E23T constructed with high-power, production-level quad elements. If you fire to cone 10 on a regular basis -- think multiple times per week -- quad elements will greatly extend the firing life of your equipment. However, if you don’t fire that high, or that frequently, you will likely not notice much of a difference in performance. Finally, you may choose to order your E23T with the suggested furniture kit, which includes two 21" full round shelves; four 21" half-round shelves; six each of 0.5", 1", 2", 4", 6" and 8" posts; heat-resistant gloves; and a 1-lb. bag of kiln wash.

If you have any questions about the E23T, give us a call -- we love to talk kilns!

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Watch the DynaTrol Control in action
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Max Firing Temp: Cone 10 (2350F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 23.5 Diameter x 27 High
Outside Dimensions: 31W x 42D x 41H
Cubic Feet: 7.0
Amps: 48
Breaker Required: 60
Plug: NEMA 6-50
Shipping Weight: 325 lbs