TecniDraw, Beige Brown 2mm
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Diez Productos Ceramicos

TecniDraw, Beige Brown 2mm

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TecniDraw Beige Brown Glaze Marker. 2mm 0.24-oz.

Have you ever wanted to get into China painting, but struggled with creating lines of even thickness? If you prefer the easy control of a marker over a paintbrush, the TecniDraw markers by Diez Productos Ceramicos could change your studio practice. Designed to work as overglaze markers, they are applied on top of the glazed surface of already-fired wares and then fired to cone 05-04 (for the standard color lines) or cone 014 (for the metallic line). These high-performance pens are lead-free and food safe. The standard line is available in a variety of colors and marker tip thicknesses; the metallic line features four different metallic tones in a 4mm tip marker size.
Each TecniDraw marker comes in a .24-oz size (for 1mm and 2mm tips) or .34-oz. size (for 4 mm big tip).

Ideal for classrooms.