APT 2 High Temp
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APT 2 High Temp

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APT-II Enhancer is an acrylic emulsion additive that is food safe and non-toxic. It cleans up with water and has an indefinite shelf life. Usage techniques and firing methods are not altered.


APT-II Enhancer will thicken all brands of slip and clay bodies, enabling the ceramist to attach, mend and create surface decorations. This process can be performed on greenware and bisque.

- Bonding occurs immediately.
- Mended area dries to the same softness as the greenware.
- Mended area may be cleaned immediately.
- Mended area does not shrink and leave a stress crack.
- Colors and glazes adhere to mended area without showing a difference in color.
- Slip mixture will adhere to glaze fired surfaces.
- Slip mixture will not produce odors or acid fumes in kiln.

Helpful Tips
With Wet Greenware:
1. Apply *Slip Mixture to pieces that will be attached.
2. Gently and firmly press pieces together (no scoring necessary). Bonding occurs immediately. Be sure pieces are positioned correctly. NOTE: Some pieces may still require propping.
3. Clean excess with cleaning tool or damp sponge. Limit use of water as it causes shrinkage and stress cracks.
4. After greenware dries, clean as usual and fire to a greenware firing.

Dry Greenware:
1. Apply APT-II Porcelain/Stoneware Enhancer - not water directly to broken pieces.
2. Immediately, apply *Slip Mixture to broken pieces.
3. Position pieces correctly - gently and firmly press pieces together.
4. Immediately clean excess with regular cleaning tool or damp sponge.
5. Let dry - fire to the recommended greenware firing.

Stress Cracks on Greenware:
1. Apply APT-II Porcelain/Stoneware Enhancer from bottle into stress crack.
2. Immediately fill with *Slip Mixture.
3. Clean excess with cleaning tool - let dry as usual.
4. Re-fire to a greenware firing.
Bisque Repair

1. Thicken slip with APT-II Porcelain/Stoneware Enhancer until it becomes a clay mixture.
2. Shape into a pencil - let dry.
3. China Fire pencil to a Cone 018.
4. Crush bisque pencil into a powder and make a paste by adding
APT-II Porcelain/Stoneware Enhancer.
5. Apply APT-II Enhancer to cracked areas - do not let dry.
6. Immediately apply paste mixture into cracked areas.
7. Clean excess, let dry and fire to a bisque firing.