Envirovent Dual Intake Kit
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Envirovent Dual Intake Kit

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If you have multiple kilns in your space, but only room for one vent outlet, Skutt's Dual Intake Kit may be a great solution for your studio. This kit was specifically designed as an add-on for Skutt's Envirovent system, and contains an additional spring-loaded plenum cup assembly; four hose clamps; one 3" Y-shaped duct connector; and two 8' x 3" flexible aluminum duct sections. By setting up the cup assembly and tubing underneath your second kiln and connecting the two measures of aluminum duct sections to the Y-shaped connector, you can vent two kilns by hooking up this kit to your already-installed Envirovent blower system.

Please note that this kit does NOT include the Envirovent itself; this is simply an extension kit.