Autumn Foliage Wash 4 oz DISC
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Autumn Foliage Wash 4 oz DISC

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Interactive Pigment:

IP205 Autumn Foliage Interactive Pigment: Fire to cone 6. Certified nontoxic when used as directed by brushing. Do not spray!

Every one of Georgei's Interactive Pigments is a fresh catalyst for your creativity! Starting from their rich, warm earth tones, these pigments create different results with each new clay or glaze you use them with. You can use them under your glazes for solid-color coverage or design work; use them with wipe-back technique for antiqued finished to enhance texture, either alone or under a glaze; use them over raw glazes (dry but unfired) for majolica techniques at cone 6; or use them with wax resist and multiple glazes for inlays and other design techniques.

Directions for use: Shake and stir well. Apply only 1 coat with a soft coat. Pigments may be thinned with water to lower the concentrations of color. As with all ceramic materials, do not eat, drink or smoke while working with clays or glazes.

Food safety and handling instructions: Food safety for the Interactive Pigments is variable, depending on your application, the glaze, and intensity of pigment in the glaze. When the surface of the glaze has a high metallic sheen, or when the pigmented surface looks dull (and the glaze by itself isn't), these are clues that the finish will not be foodsafe. If you like these effects, keep them on the outside of your vessels, for decoration only.