Eggshell Wash Gallon
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Eggshell Wash Gallon

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GLW12 Eggshell Wash: Semi-gloss finish, food safe when fired to cone 6.

Georgie's Cone 6 Sculptural/Textural Glazes have remarkable versatility. They are reactive and interactive with each other and with your clay body. By varying the thickness of your application, you can produce an even wider variety of special effects. With so many different combinations to try, you just might be playing with Georgie's Glazes for years to come.

All Georgie's Glazes are non-toxic; however, NOT ALL GLAZES ARE FOOD SAFE because some have dry or breaking surfaces after firing. Please note each glaze's food safety rating in the brief description above. We recommend bisque firing to cone 04, glaze firing to cone 6 at medium speed, and ventilating your kiln for all firings.

Georgies Glazes are formulated for application with brushes, but they can be thinned with water if your prefer dipping or pouring application.