L&L E28T Element SS 240V, 1-p
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L&L E28T Element SS 240V, 1-p


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As per L&L's policy, you must supply us with the serial number of your kiln when purchasing elements, which you may enter in the "Comments" section during checkout.

This listing is for a single (1) replacement element for L&L kiln model E28T (produced before 2004), with a power supply of 240 volts and single phase.
There are a total of six (6) elements per kiln.

L&L part #: E-E-28TX/31

Please read carefully to ensure that you are purchasing the correct elements for your kiln. The voltage and phase are listed on the kiln nameplate. Phase is important with Easy-Fire kiln elements because power and resistance are varied to maximize output on 3-phase kilns. Elements in each kiln are all the same resistance. There are no graded elements from top to bottom.

Please note: As of October 1, 2004, L&L has developed a larger, improved element for the Easy-Fire kilns. These are ½" in diameter (the previous elements were 0.39" diameter) and are, in most cases, thicker gauge wire. These will only fit in the new holders which appeared in kilns manufactured after June 1, 2004.

So, if your kiln was produced prior to June 2004, then you will need to purchase the SMALL (S) elements. Kilns after 2004 can accommodate the LARGE (L) elements.

As per L&L's policies, you must supply us with the serial number of your kiln when purchasing elements by using the "Comments" section during checkout.