Walnut Brown 1lb DISC
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Walnut Brown 1lb DISC

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Spectrum 2015 Walnut Brown

Spectrum’s line of ceramic stains can be used to color glazes, underglazes, overglazes, engobes, slips and in clay bodies. In general, these stains have a greater temperature stability than many other commercially available stains. Spectrum’s stains are suitable for use from the lowest temperature ranges (cone 06) to the highest (cone 10), although colors may vary somewhat with increased firing temperature. The color tiles display the results for the stains mixed in Spectrum’s 1050 underglaze base and fired to cone 06. The strength shown on these charts was achieved by mixing 100 grams of liquid underglaze base (3.5 oz.) with 50 grams of dry ceramic stain (1.75 oz.).

Spectrum Ceramic Stains (2000 series) are inter-mixable for the most part. However, the cadmium encapsulated colors 2082, 2083, 2084, 2085 and 2090 can be mixed among themselves, but may not perform as expected when mixed with other colors. Also if you are trying to lighten a color by simply reducing the amount of stain used you may just produce a washed out look. We suggest instead that you try mixing in some of the 2000 White stain to lighten the color.

Spectrum Ceramic Stains are available in powdered form and packaged in 1/4 lb.(113.5 gm.) and 1 lb. (454 gm.) wide-mouth plastic jars with tight-fitting screw cap.