Kiln Master Wall Controller 50
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Kiln Master Wall Controller 50

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The KilnMaster Kiln Controller by Skutt is a great way to modernize your old manual kiln.

This external controller allows your manual kiln to function as an automatic one. And what is great about this controller is that it can be used with most brands and models of kilns.

The KilnMaster controller has a number of exciting features. The preprogrammed firing schedules allow you to fire work at your desired speed, cone temperature and firing duration. The Kilnmaster also enables you to create your own customized firing programs with up to eight segments so that you may fire your ceramic wares exactly to your detailed specifications. Additionally, the controller will store frequently used programs (has the capacity to store up to six), so that you do not need to program the kiln each time you use it.

Other useful features include the ability to delay a firing - simply program the kiln to start whenever you wish! This controller allows you to fire between Cone 022 to Cone 10, includes a ramp/hold mode, will restart if there is a short power outage during the firing and includes an encapsulated Type K thermocouple. Additionally, you can review the program components during the firing.

The Kilnmaster is easy to install - you can do it yourself! Simply plug your existing kiln into the back of the controller, and then plug the controller into the wall. Make sure all your switches are on high when firing. You can easily mount the controller on the wall for convenience.

Shown here is the 50 amp Kiln Master. It is also available in a 40 amp 3 phase and a smaller version for 120V kilns.

This product also includes:
Skutt’s two-year limited warranty
Installation instructions

Made in the USA.

Skutt model no. KM1

Interested in updating your manual kiln to a digitally-controlled model? With Skutt's KM-1 wall-mounted controller, you can make the change in a matter of minutes! This wall-mountable unit is incredibly easy to install -- you simply hang the unit on a wall close to your kiln's outlet, install the thermocouple, and plug your kiln into the wall box. Please note that you may need to drill a small hole in your kiln's firebrick for installation of the thermocouple - the stainless steel sheeting on the exterior of Skutt kilns is already pre-punched for this upgrade. If you don't have a Skutt kiln but love all of the features offered by Skutt's state-of-the-art controller, not to worry! While the Skutt Kiln Master works great with Skutt kilns, you can use it on ANY brand of manual kiln under 50 Amps.

Skutt's Kiln Master wall-mounted controller offers wall-mounted convenience - it's so easy to install it at eye level near your kiln, so you can monitor a firing without bending or stooping. The color-impregnated unbreakable housing and sealed touch pad faceplate are designed to keep clay and dust out. They are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

If you are looking to upgrade (or replace) the box on your current digitally-controlled Skutt kiln with a new control box, please see our listing for the Skutt KilnMaster Box.

KilnMaster Control Features:
-- Delay Firing Start: Up to 99 hours and 99 minutes.
-- Cone Fire Mode: Entry by cone number, 3 firing speeds, Cone 022 to Cone 10.
-- Ramp/Hold Mode: Entry by temperature, create programs from 1 to 8 segment. Each segment can specify a rate of heating or cooling to a specified temperature with an optional hold, to maximum temperature of 2.400 degrees F.
-- Memory: Holds up to 6 firing programs.
-- Safety Features: Power failure detection, thermocouple failure detection, microprocessor fault detection.
-- Electronic Cone Table: Converts cone numbers to temperature.
-- Digital Readout: Fahrenheit or centigrade.
-- Program Review: Review program and current segment during firing.
-- Temperature Alarm: Adjustable to desired temperature.
-- Control Panel: Sealed touch pad, washable.
-- Thermocouple: Type K.
Designed and manufactured in the USA