SR-36 Slab Roller
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SR-36 Slab Roller

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Item #: ASR36

The SR-36 is a great slab roller for potters creating large projects.

$100 gift of LEAD FREE AMACO® Glazes With Purchase! The SR-36 is a large floor model that can produce slabs up to 36"W x 52"L. Maximum slab thickness is 7/8". It includes one 1/4" plain shim, one 1/4" shim with canvas, and a 1/8" plain shim. Assembled dimensions: 49"W x 76"L x 40"H. IMPORTANT NOTE ON SR-36 SLAB ROLLER:Because the amount of clay and the mechanical pressure that is produced rolling a large slab, the middle of the bed may bow slightly, creating a slab that is thinner on the sides. This variation is more evident when rolling thinner slabs -- from 1/2" to 3/8". Its effect on thicker slabs is not quite as evident. This is a great slab roller for large projects, but those looking for thin, consistent slabs, may want to purchase one of our smaller models.

Shims, canvas, cables and the optional leg set for the brent® SR-36 slab roller are also for theAMACO T-3 model slab roller.

Weight 706 Lbs.

When you purchase a Brent SR-36 Slab Roller from The Ceramic Shop, you receive a free rebate of $100 in Amaco glazes. Want more details? Give us a call!

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Maximum Slab Dimensions: 36" W x 52" L
Maximum Slab Thickness: 7/8"
Assembled Dimensions: 49" W x 76" L x 40" H (with legs)