Mudtools Zipper Bridge Set
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Mudtools Zipper Bridge Set

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The Mudtools' Zipper Bridge and Extrusion Die Set allows for immediate manipulation of your extrusion into other forms. The Zipper Bridge re-knits the clay, eliminating seam failure during drying and firing.

Precision Radius Extrusion Dies create strong and smooth extrusion, which allows the clay to flow through the die into compression and flow out so you can work directly out of the extruder without sharp edges that could make your extrusion fail.

You can quickly and easily change the internal die to alter the wall thickness of your extrusion.

Highest quality material available.

Water and corrosion resistant - This tool should provide a lifetime of service.

A note from Michael Sherill: "My philosophy is that I can make any shape from a round shape and that a round extrusion makes the most consistent and strongest base for making almost anything. Working from my round extrusion I can pull the clay (in the same way you would pull when making a handle) and transform the round tube into a square or rectangular extrusion. This is particularly useful when I am making a lot of different components for a sculpture. When the whole sculpture is completed you would never guess that all the individual components came out of a round extruder. The possibilities are endless."