905 Wheatfield
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905 Wheatfield

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S905 Wheatfield

Spectrum’s 900 Series Low Stone Glazes is an exciting line of low fire (cone 06/04) glazes that give the appearance of a stoneware finish. S905 Wheatfield is a glossy, transparent glaze that produces a beautiful effect when used on pieces with some detail. Pale yellow glaze like the tips of wheat in a field. The Low Stone Glaze chip samples displayed on our site are the result of applying 3 coats of each glaze on white bisque and firing to cone 05. These glazes can also be layered, creating beautiful and interesting effects. All of these glazes are lead-free and dinnerware safe when fired correctly.

The 900 series glazes should not be used on the same pots as the 700 series. Due to significantly different expansion rates this combination can cause pots to crack.