Velvet Underglaze Set #2
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Velvet Underglaze Set #2

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12- 2oz bottles

This set contains 12 2oz. bottles of Amaco's Velvet Underglazes. Set #2 contains the following colors:

V-301 Ivory Beige
V-303 Terra Cotta
V-315 Peach
V-333 Avocado
V-323 Salmon
V-325 Baby Blue
V-343 Chartreuse
V-320 Lavender
V-309 Deep Yellow
V-313 Red Brown
V-327 Turquoise Blue
V-336 Royal Blue

Gives the appearance of velour or velvet when left unglazed or will intensify in color when covered with a Clear Transparent or Gloss glaze.

Cone 05 - Cone 10

The Velvet Underglazes produced by Amaco are some of the finest available. Bright and semi translucent, the velvet underglazes come in over fifty colors that have a tolerant firing range from Cone 05 - Cone 10. When dipped or coated with a clear glaze they are dinnerware safe. Try The Ceramic Shop's Cone 06 Real Clear, Cone 6 Classic Clear or the Amaco Cone 5 HF9 Zinc Free Clear to express the intensity of the underglaze color. We also have a Sepctrum Clear that fires to Cone 10, available in gallon or pint size. Note: Some of the underglazes, like 318, 320, 371 and 375, will change color when fired above Cone 5, best to do test tiles to achieve best results.