Fiber Paper #10 1/8" 1-foot
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Fiber Paper #10 1/8" 1-foot


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1-foot by 2-foot piece of ceramic fiber 2300 paper.

Ceramic Fiber paper is sold by length in 1-foot, 5-foot, and 10-foot increments, as well as the full 50-foot roll. So, if you order 1 foot, you will recieve a piece on Inswool that is 1 foot long and 24-inches wide. Likewise if you order 10 feet, you will receive a piece that is 10 feet by 24 inches.

2300 paper is processed from washed, spun, high purity fibers formed into highly flexible sheet. It is recommended for continuous use at temperatures up to 2300 0 F in applications where insulating efficiency and high strength are important.

Because it is processed from washed fiber, 2300 paper is clean, has low shot content and offers low thermal conductivity. It’s highly uniform structure assures homogeneous thermal conductivity throughout, and its high tensile strength makes it ideal as a gasket, seal or spacer material.

2300 contains an organic binder to provide increased handling strength at room temperature. It possesses excellent chemical stability and resists attack from most corrosive agents. Exceptions are hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis. Because of its high purity chemistry, 2300 paper resists both oxidation and reduction. If it becomes wet due to water, steam or oil, its thermal and physical properties will return upon drying.