Texture Mat, Fish Scale
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Chinese Clay Art

Texture Mat, Fish Scale

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This fishscale pattern texture mat by Chinese ClayArt creates rich textures that look like the scales of a fish - another kid favorite! With this mat, you can explore surface decoration and create stunning pieces of work that your friends will think you spent hours on!

To use texture mats, simply roll out a slab of moist clay of desired thickness and place the mat texture side down on top of it. Then, with your hand or a rolling pin (rolling pins work great to obtain even impressions), gently press on the mat to imprint the design in the clay. Carefully remove the mat and voila! A gorgeous texture!! These mats are easy to use and great for quick projects such as coasters, trays and trivets. Because these mats are flexible, they can be used on curved surfaces as well.

You will love combining these rich textures with other surface decorating techniques. For example, a Ceramic Shop staff favorite is using the mats in combination with underglazes. After you texturize your clay, cover the entire surface of your piece in underglaze. Make sure the colorant fills in all the impressions. Then, with a slightly damp sponge or a rib tool, carefully wipe the excess underglaze from all of the raised areas of the clay. The underglaze should remain in the imprinted areas and, once glazed and fired, these areas will really stand out visually, adding life and dimension to your work. Alternatively, see what happens when glazes differentially fill in the texture lines - you’ll be amazed! We particularly like using transparent glazes with textures.

Texture mats are made from a durable, flexible rubber. Mats are easy to clean and store and are recommended for both school age children and adults. Additional texture mat patterns are available for purchase.

Each mat measures 8" x 12".