To contact this manufacturer directly about their warranty, please contact them directly at: (800) 4 - LAGUNA

Limited Warranty

Warranty Registration

All Pacifica wheels are guaranteed for five years against any defects in construction or materials. Use the card included with this book to activate your warranty with us. We maintain a record of every Pacifica Wheel manufacturedwithout your compleated warranty card your warranty starts from the date the wheel was made. Complete the warranty card as instructed and send to PACIFICA to reset your Pacifica warranty from your date of purchase.

A Laguna or Laguna authorized technician must authorize and perform any warranty work to be completed. If you have some problem with your Pacifica wheel, the most efficient way to have it repaired is to contact the customer service department, and describe the nature of the problem. If it is determined that there is a warranty repair needed you will be asked to pack and ship the wheel or components to the Laguna company for inspection and repair. Any items being sent should be sent prepaid. It is advisable to retain the box and packing material that the wheel or components were originally sent in to accommodate shipment if it becomes necessary. For your protection your shipment should be insured.

There will be no charge for parts or labor if your wheel is still under warranty. In addition if it is determined that the work to be completed is covered by the warranty, then Laguna Clay Company will reimburse the customer for the shipment of the wheel to Laguna Clay Company as well as the return shipment to the customer. On repairs necessitated by abuse or that have exceeded the warranty period, we will charge for necessary replacement parts and labor. In addition work completed on wheels with exhausted warranty require the customer to pay for return shipping as well. Ultimate determination of validity of all warranty claims is at the discretion of the Laguna Clay Company.

In almost all cases, the equipment arrives to our customer in the same excellent condition it left the factory. Occasionally, however, this will not be the case. THEREFORE, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU INSPECT YOUR NEW EQUIPMENT IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT SIGN THE TRUCK DRIVERS RECEIPT IF YOU SEE OR SUSPECT DAMAGE.


RETAIN DAMAGED ITEMS- Damaged item, containers, and inner packing materials must be held in the receiving area pending an inspection by the freight or carrier responsible.

CALL CARRIER TO REPORT DAMAGE AND REQUEST INSPECTION- According to Interstate Commerce Commission regulations, the call should be placed immediately upon discovery of the damage. Under no circumstances should you delay calling beyond 15 days, this will almost certainly result in denial of your claim.

CONFIRM CALL IN WRITING-Retain a copy of your letter for your records.

When the carrier makes an inspection of the damaged merchandise, have the merchandise in the receiving area. Damaged items must not be moved from the receiving area. Allow inspection of the items, cartons, packing materials used and freight bill. Retain your delivery receipt, as it will be needed as a supporting document to your claim when it is filed.

After the inspection is complete read carefully and fully the inspection report prior to signing. If you do not agree with all the facts or conclusions on the report do not sign it. If repair of the damaged merchandise is not satisfactory, insist that the inspector specifies “replacement” on the inspection report. A replacement may be ordered only if the inspection report indicates, “REPLACE”.

RETAIN DAMAGED MERCHANDISE- although inspection has been completed, damaged items must not be used or disposed of without written consent from the carrier.

DO NOT RETURN DAMAGED MERCHANDISE-Return of damaged items must be authorized by the Laguna Clay Co.


If your claim is to be considered, RETURN ALL FORMS TO LAGUNA CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT, include copies of correspondence, freight receipts and inspection report.

Keep this and all other paperwork included in the delivery of your wheel for your records and to better assist you in the rare event that there is a problem.