To contact this manufacturer directly about their warranty, please contact them directly at: 1 800-321-9696

Warranty Claims

In case of defects of the object of delivery, the legal claims shall be available to us without any restrictions. If the supplier has granted a warranty for the quality or durability of the object of delivery, we shall also be entitled to assert the claims from this warranty.

Any quality and quantity deviations as well as other defects shall be considered as notified in due time if we notify the supplier thereof within 7 working days after receipt of the goods. Hidden material defects shall in any case be considered as notified in due time if we notify the supplier thereof within 14 days after identification and notice by us.

The supplier’s warranty shall also cover parts manufactured by subsuppliers.

With the acceptance and/or approval of submitted patterns or samples, we do not waive any warranty claims.

Unless anything else has expressly been agreed upon, the legal periods of limitation shall apply.

With the receipt of our notice of defects by the supplier, the period of limitation of warranty claims shall be suspended until the supplier rejects our claims or declares the defect removed or otherwise refuses to continue negotiations of our claims. In case of delivery of substitutes and removal of defects, the warranty period for replaced and improved parts shall start again, unless we had to assume that the supplier did not feel obliged to carry out such measure from the supplier’s behaviour but has only carried out the replacement delivery or removal of defects as a gesture of goodwill or similar reasons.

The parts criticised based on the warranty shall remain at our disposal until replacement and shall then become the property of the supplier by means of replacement.

The legal warranty claims to which we are entitled shall not be affected by the acceptance of the supplier’s delivery and service by us.

Apart from that, the supplier shall be liable according to the legal provisions.