Kiln Repair, Repair, Wheel Repair, Equipment Repair

Here at The Ceramic Shop, we understand that finding the right trusted Technician to install or repair your equipment can be overwhelming. Luckily for you we've done the research and found skilled Kiln Technicians all around the United States that are available for services!


Technician's Bio:

I like to take things apart and fix them. All Kiln Services started from me taking apart and fixing my friend’s kilns before I had my own. What started as an interest in taking things apart grew to a side hustle to working as the Studio Technician at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia and further into a full blown business.

I believe in service above everything. I replace elements or relays in small electric kilns in home studios. I work with general contractors and construction superintendents to finalize state-of -the-art facilities. I make sure your studio fires and operates efficiently, safely, and on budget. All clients are treated with equal importance.

Theo Uliano