The Ceramic Shop is happy to introduce Gold Luster Decals! You asked for it, so we made it happen!


Gold luster decals are currently available in four designs -- leaves, flowers, insects, and butterflies -- with each sheet measuring 5.25" x 4.25". Each sheet features several small icons that can be cut up and placed on pieces individually, or grouped together for maximum golden impact.


Yes, these decals are REAL 22K gold! They can be used on anything from functional wares to jewelry and decorative ornaments.  They can also be used on both glass and ceramic, thanks to their low firing temperature.  On glass, fire your kiln to 1250°F; on porcelain and other ceramics, fire your kiln to 1380°F.  Easy!


Full Luster Decal 8.5x11 Gold
Full Luster Decal 8.5x11

You Save: 20%

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