kiln parts - connectors for elements, wires and more

Connectors are often used in kilns to make connections between elements, power cords, jumper connections, switches and relays. There are different types of connectors which serve different purposes. For example, flag connectors, with their 90 degree turns, are used in terminal tabs, while butt connectors are used to join two wires together, such as kiln elements and connection wires.


Connectors are often available in different gauges, which relate to the size of the wires that are being connected. Many connectors are made from nickel coated copper, meaning that they are rated for high temperature, or are come with covered in insulating plastic.


At The Ceramic Shop we carry a variety of connectors. These kiln parts are often interchangeable among kilns, but we suggest you give us a call first if you are unsure which connector you require.


Element Butt Connector
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Element Butt Connector

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