Introducing Crack Pot crack filler, a new and innovative product developed right here at The Ceramic Shop. No longer will pesky S-cracks or small chips send your greenware to the slurry bucket. You can also use this product on bisqueware, as well, so for those flaws that don’t show themselves until after your first firing, Crack Pot has you covered. This product is available in a variety of colors and firing ranges, so you can find the perfect blend to seamlessly repair your work.


Crack Pot is a colored clay-like material designed to be filled into your bisqueware cracks. While it is a wet paste, fill your hairline or S-Crack in your ceramic piece. Work the paste into crack or opening with a small tool to achieve a tight fill. Let dry and fire. The paste can be sanded before it is fired to achieve a smooth flush surface. After the firing simply glaze over. Applying more glaze on the filler area is recommended as it may soak up more of your glaze than your bisque. Colors can be combined for custom matches.