AMACO Large Front Loading Kilns

AMACO's large front-loading kilns are more than ideal for small to medium sized classrooms. The versatile kilns in this series all fire to cone 10 - but they are also great for lower-fired work, as well. They are energy-efficiently and cool slowly due to thick walls made from a combination of firebrick and block insulation, which also makes them a smart choice for complicated glazing processes. The AH-10 and AH-30 have handy storage cabinets below for holding supplies, furniture kits, and more, while the AH-25 features welded steel slots for the same.


Here at The Ceramic Shop, we do get questions about the benefits of a front-loading kiln such as Amaco's AH front-loader series.  By opening the secure, heavily-reinforced refractory door from the front, rather than the top, you can save yourself a lot of back pain.  Likewise, many people find a front-loading kiln to be easier all around to load -- so if you work in large-format ceramics, you might want to consider the ease with which these kilns will allow you to simply fire your work! The intense degree of insulation on these kilns also makes them ideal for the slow, intentional cooling of down-ramp-specific crystalline glazes.  Their rectangular shape can accommodate  a surprising amount of work, too!


Amaco AH-25 Front Loader
Amaco AH-25 Front Loader

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