Caldera Kiln 240V standard

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Paragon Caldera kiln, 240-volt, with added 2" x 2" glass window and blank collar (Caldera-X collar).

With the Paragon Caldera, fire silver PMC clay, china, ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, decals, enameling, jewelry, and glass - with its convenient size, multiple options for customization, and ability to rapidly fire to 2350°F/1287°C (cone 10), the Caldera is an excellent choice for the versatile artist! Glass compatibility and glaze color tests are fast and easy. With a separate top and bottom, it is stackable and completely portable, which makes it easy to carry to classroom, studios, and seminars. On top of all that, the Paragon Caldera is surprisingly affordable.

Rugged construction makes this kiln a little workhorse. The thermocouple, which senses temperature in the kiln, is protected with a high-nickel stainless steel sheath for long life. The Paragon Caldera is fully digital and comes with the Sentry Xpress 3-key controller. This easy-to-use controller allows you to fire in either Ramp-Hold or Cone-Fire mode, and allows for the control of both heating and cooling. An on/off toggle switch allows you to turn off power to the controller while your kiln is idle.

The Paragon Caldera is available with different custom options for voltage, glass viewing window, or various expansion collars. Please see further information about these options below, and be sure to select your preferences from the drop-down menus above. If you don't see the option you are looking for please give us a call at 215-427-9665. We love to talk kilns.

Expansion Collars:
The basic Caldera kiln is part of an expandable kiln system. Consider adding a collar if you plan on using your kiln for annealing glass beads, or enameling small copper pieces. The Paragon Caldera can be fitted with three different options for a collar: The bead collar, or Caldera-BC collar, adds 4 ½" of height to the Caldera, and additionally features a 7½" x 2" door on the side for annealing glass beads. The blank, or Caldera-X, is the same size as the Caldera-BC, but without the bead door. The enameling collar, or the Caldera-E collar, is designed to help you explore copper enameling, and adds an extra 6 3/4" to your kiln. Please select your collar preference, if any, from the drop-down menu above. Please note that the addition of a collar will decrease your kiln's top temperature capacity - the Caldera is still capable of reaching 2000°F/1093°C with an added collar.

The Optional Glass Window
You can order your Caldera with an optional 2" x 2" glass window in the top. The glass window is rated to 2300°F (1260°C), so it can easily withstand glass fusing temperatures. Please note, however, that the window reduces the kiln's maximum temperature to approximately 2100°F (1148°C) and is meant for glass fusing. (You can still fire porcelain and stoneware jewelry even with the window, but you will need to plug the window with ceramic fiber.)

Max Firing Temp: Cone 10, 2350 F (please note that the addition of a window and/or collar will decrease this top temperature capacity to about 2000 F)
Inner Dimensions: 8" W x 6.75" D
Outer Dimensions: 13" W x 19.5" D x 11.8" H
Cubic Feet: 0.25
Voltage/Phase: 120 V, Single Phase or 240 V, Single Phase (select from drop-down menu above)
Amps: 15
Watts: 1800
Shipping Weight: 46 lb

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