Silica, 200 Mesh
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Silica, 200 Mesh


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Silica is one of the cornerstone materials of glaze and claybody formulation. Although this mineral is present in many different ceramic materials (from feldspars to bentonite to sand, for example), this particular silica is the purified version. This version is also 200-mesh size, which is larger than our finest-ground silica 325-mesh. Silica is known by a few different names in the ceramic industry, including flint and quartz. Some may debate the accuracy of these names -- particularly quartz -- but just know that if you hear either term, you are likely looking at a recipe that calls for silica.

As for silica's function in clay and glazes, it provides the melting, or glassifying agents in a claybody that allow the material to fuse together. Silica, however, has a fairly high melting point, so it does often need to be fluxed with the addition of other materials that spurn it to melt at lower temperatures. Silica imparts hardness to glazes, and decreases thermal expansion. In claybodies, the expansion factor is exactly the opposite -- an increased presence of silica increases the thermal expansion.

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Artist, 31st Jul 2014

Reviewer: Lennox Warner

I have been getting my ceramic supplies and firing my art for about six years and Ceramic Supplies group is still very enthusiastic with seeing to my needs.

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